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Data Mining

At Servoit, job never considered too big or too small, for a job from a large enterprise with the requirement of large quantity of professional data entry, our management skills and the experience that we achieved enable us to expand our operational set up within a very short span of time to control and complete the project within the agreed stipulated time. A job, on the other hand, maybe small but its value to us is in terms of our commitment to complete it comprehensively in time is the same. Our key services include:
  • Online Data Entry: We offer an online data entry service of best quality, Quality Management System and our accuracy level is almost hundred percent. Whenever required, we customize our software to accomplish a better work strength and perform online data entry in a manner best suited to your demands. We are transparent and always do the right work in right time. 
  • Offline Data Entry: Servoit provide rapid, cost effective and authentic offline data entry services. We are here to help your business growth in aptitude and capitulate with our three years of experience in providing excellent offline data entry solutions. Servo is ready to do offline data entry from mailing lists, websites and image files, form processing, insurance claims, URL list collection, form filling, E-books entry, business cards entry, catalogue's and label's entry, entry from one version/format to another, Excel sheet filling, survey forms entry, Tax forms entry, receipt, invoice and bill's data entry
  • Data Capture: All organization usually handle and process quantities of data in hardcopy. Data in hard-copy hinders businesses and organizations in branching ways than one. It is tough to find-out and recover. We offer a varied range of computerized and manual data capture services to facilitate you capture your paper-based document's and store it in an easily recoverable digital format. We are capable to enter all kinds of data, textual or numeric, with equal strength. We offer our mechanized data capture services using the most advanced OCR, ICR, OMR IWR and Barcode technologies. Books, manuals, questionnaires, survey data, periodicals, applications, research papers, phone directories, business cards & catalogs, business forms, reports, any type of lists, warranty registrations, enrolment forms, hospital/medical bills, insurance claims, invoices, legal documents, extra-ordinary resume, trade show contacts etc.
  • Copy Paste Services: Sometimes, organizations and businesses want to convert data and information lying in one format into another. It's a very responsible and trustworthy job. We offer resourceful and affordable copy paste services to help you handle with the complications and tedium of transferring data and information from one format to another. We are very handy and can easily set up our services to suit your requirements.

Data Processing

Data processing mainly deals with professional manipulation and processing of data from one format to another, and volume data processing projects for data conversion, data extraction, cleansing and data mining. We help you to capture, extract, digitize and process data from various sources. We are very much equipped with over decades of experience in delivering outstanding data process services to our clients at such reasonable rates. We accept all kinds of textual data capturing which includes printed text, manuscripts, scanned images etc. We are experienced:

  • Forms Processing: Forms processing includes extracting information from designed or tailored forms, faxes and scanned images and updating it on a range of outputs. We regularly process surveys, questionnaires and application forms.
  • Market Research Forms Processing: We provide market research forms processing services to help businesses with the tedious task of extracting and processing market research form's data.
  • Mailing List Processing: At Servoit we will help you to prepare complete mailing lists within you offered time accurately, exactly matched to the needs of your specific business.
  • Web and Internet Research: Our expertise are able to provide you with the best advice and consultation to design and execute internet as well as web research project and deliver your interested information those you need for competitive strategy, pricing, product catalogues, marketing lists, and other critical information regarding any type of business.
  • We deliver processed resulted data in the nominated formats and prior to deliver, it undergoes cross-checking and validation to ensure that the clients get error free data at all the times. We can deliver the files to our partners by FTP, email and or by CD/DVDs.

    Data Management

    Quality data is mandatory for every business process, market penetration, customer relationship, business investment, and for overall better decision making across all levels of the organization. In this regard, organizations need to spend in consolidating their proven master copy of data that deals like an asset for the business. Servoit has acquired various skills to maintain its versatility. We can assure you at the very beginning that our service will remarkably change & enhanced your work flow.   
    • Directory Building Services: We offer directory/list building and data mining services to support the clients in creating a current and effective database in premise server and or in virtual access. We are able to identify and extract data from relevant data sources and enter the information as per an approved format in any database.
    • Data Scraping, Enrichment & Standardization: We work towards making your business processes and applications more efficient by cleaning and making your data consistent and accessible through our Data Standardization Services.
    • Data Research Services: Accepting our data research services, you can easily realize and or find out new ways to drive revenue and increase profits by converting your data into practical, insightful and you will get handy information for decision-making part.

    Data Support in Specialized Cases

    The range of specialized data support services provided by Servoit is widespread and can meet a broad range of data capture and data processing requirement of the customers. We are resourceful and working in the industry for more than 11 years with very experienced skills team. Not only do the best job with quality, we also keep your data hundred percent secure.