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Software Development

By employing an integrated, multi-disciplinary team, Servoit rapidly delivers reliable solutions that allow our clients to move quickly from concept to value. We have always believed quality of the product is born from the abilities of the individual, only companies capable of nurturing the drive and ambitions of the individual within a structured framework will gain sustainability in today's market. Creating an integrated team composed of highly qualified and motivated individuals mitigates client risk and helps ensure effective solutions for a constantly evolving marketplace.

As the first step of this process, Servoit utilizes a breakthrough development approach. Several other attempts have been carried out by other companies with varying degrees of success. CASE technologies, 4GL's, business components, and the likes are all examples of such attempts. The fundamental difference is that instead of just automating the manual development steps, Servoit's Business Solutions Development capability carefully studies and identifies the business processes, infrastructure code, and code pattern object steps that are necessary to build meaningful business applications.

We provide ERP software solution for organizations seeking to streamline and integrate operations, processes and information flows in an enterprise, to synergize the resources of an organization namely men, material, money and machine. Our CRM is the strongest and the most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationships with customers.